01/09/21 For those who love YOLO’s Halloumi – now one of New Zealand’s top-selling cheeses – there is great news. Now selling at South Island supermarkets and coming soon to the North is an innovative new product from Food International’s Turkish supplier, Muratbey with their classic Halloumi in practical burger shapes selling in four-slice packages. […]

Let the Pictures Say It ….

Let the Pictures Say It …. 22/03/21 We all know that old chestnut that a picture is worth a thousand words.  And it’s so true. To say that CEO, Adel Yousef (known to many as Mr YOLO) is thrilled about how these new Turkish products have been received is an understatement. I’m not going to […]


THE REAL THING 18/02/21 It was Valentine’s Day in Auckland. It was a perfect day and two elderly Valentines (the YOLO CEO with the Unlikely Food Blogger) went out for lunch. I ordered a Halloumi and Chicken Salad and was salivating by the time it was delivered to our table. But, no … it was […]


NEW FREEDOM & NEW YOLO PRODUCTS 11/06/20 It’s been an unprecedented time… And how many times have we heard that word “unprecedented” since COVID-19 entered our vernacular? But, here in New Zealand we’ve made it – we are out the other side of Lockdown – and YOLO was available right throughout that very strange period. […]

Gulfood Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Gulfood Celebrates 25th Anniversary 14/02/20   A belated Happy New Year to all. We are already nearly into the third month of the new decade, which has started with a huge surge of business for Food International and amazing growth in our YOLO cheese sales. We have put our international expansion plan on hold (to […]


7/10/19 My sincere apologies – this is my first blog in a while. No excuse really, but life has been very, very busy for the Food International crew. And we have lots of exciting news. First and foremost, it looks highly likely that the YOLO brand is about to go global – well at least […]


25/06/19 A married couple I know (their identity is protected) once turned up to a 1960s fondue party in matching purple caftans! Now I’m not suggesting you go to that retro extreme, but Kiwis are definitely now reviving fondue parties, which were mega trendy in the 1960s and 70s. And it is such an easy […]

Salon de Gourmets – Spanish Success

27/04/19 Hola, Your Unlikely Food Blogger is still in a Spanish state of mind. Travelling with Food International’s CEO, Adel, to the 33rd annual Salon de Gourmets Food Expo in Madrid was a sensational experience. I’ve attended three times before, but each time the number of exhibitors and visitors grow as does the glitz and […]

Arab-Street Singapore


SINGAPORE SLING Salaam from Sultry Singapore, We are in transit in Singapore on the way to Madrid for the Salon de Gourmets and looking to establish a YOLO base here. Unlike Aussie, there’s no quota system and fortunately, an enterprising Yousef brother living and trading in this dynamic city. So huge opportunities here in this […]

A Shared Sadness

This blog was supposed to be a light-hearted report about the success of Adel’s GULFOOD visit. I wanted to report that hopefully, we’d land some great new products on our supermarket shelves bearing our brand. Chocolate-coated Medjool Dates for a starter… Then last Friday in Christchurch happened. Business rolls on, but the issues that were […]