For those who love YOLO’s Halloumi – now one of New Zealand’s top-selling cheeses – there is great news. Now selling at South Island supermarkets and coming soon to the North is an innovative new product from Food International’s Turkish supplier, Muratbey with their classic Halloumi in practical burger shapes selling in four-slice packages.

All you have to do is dip the Grill Burger Cheese in warm water for 10 minutes or fry it as is on a pan, grill or toaster (oil-free) and serve hot. Slap the burger between a wholegrain bun and add some fresh salad and you have a quick and healthy (not to mention tasty!) lunch or even dinner.

The burgers do not contain any preservatives, artificial colours, GMO or Gluten and are the perfect option for vegetarians. Muratbey’s classic Halloumi also has a low sodium content.

This product has a long shelf-life so is a handy addition to have in your fridge for those unexpected visitors.

Food International’s CEO, Adel Yousef, had met the team from Muratbey at several international food expos over recent years and was always impressed by their innovative products. Last year Food International imported this country’s first shipment of Turkish cheese, with a selection including TOPI, HELIX and MISTO cheeses from Muratbey.

“These have been well received in New Zealand – children particularly love the animal shapes in the MISTO range – and we expect the Halloumi burger shapes will be even more in demand, Adel says.

Muratbey was launched from a small cheese shop in Eminonu (near Turkey’s capital, Ankara) in 1965. Their first production plant was opened in 1992 and they soon became market leaders in the “Special Cheese” category.

This Turkish company combines cheese with traditional flavours along with modern technology. And their motto is “Flavour Matters”.

Muratbey began their export business in 2008 and now sends their products worldwide – it’s even used by Carl’s Junior in New York. With an extensive range of over 300 products, the company employs nearly 400 people. The aim of the company is to ensure that more people have access to healthy dairy products derived from healthy milk.

Muratbey carries on environmentally responsible production, strives for energy-saving and zero chemical waste in production, and continues to be a leader in setting an example in the industry not only with its products but also with its technological projects.