Arab-Street Singapore


Salaam from Sultry Singapore,

We are in transit in Singapore on the way to Madrid for the Salon de Gourmets and looking to establish a YOLO base here. Unlike Aussie, there’s no quota system and fortunately, an enterprising Yousef brother living and trading in this dynamic city. So huge opportunities here in this cosmopolitan hub with a large expat community.

This is the fourth time we have been invited to this food expo in Spain. It’s always been a great and inspiring experience. Adel has made many contacts there with several YOLO products on Kiwi supermarket shelves as a result. 

We plan to add to this line-up. And Adel would like to hear from you if you have any interests in Spanish food products that he can follow up. Send him an email  I’ll be at the trade show to do a story and photos for a local hospitality mag and I’m looking forward to expanding my collection of Spanish shoes. 

 Meanwhile, we are relying on you to keep on enjoying our YOLO range….


Robyn – The Unlikely Food Blogger

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