It’s been an unprecedented time… And how many times have we heard that word “unprecedented” since COVID-19 entered our vernacular? But, here in New Zealand we’ve made it – we are out the other side of Lockdown – and YOLO was available right throughout that very strange period.

Many people bought YOLO Cheese as a little touch of affordable luxury during trying times. Good old comfort food – like cheese and vegemite on toast, cheese scones lathered with butter, cheese straws or puffs and cheesy pizzas – was very popular for those of us who were housebound.

For me it was a very generous slab of our UK Cheddar with Truffles on a savoury biscuit that made those days slide past just a little bit easier. Many of us are now sporting a few extra COVID kilos as a result.

The Food International team worked on throughout Lockdown.  YOLO sales continued to be very strong. The food service sector was dormant, of course, but this is now steadily recovering.

We are enjoying so much the freedom of being with family and friends again and dining out. But, at the same time our hearts go out to those overseas who are still struggling with the scourge of COVID-19 and we dream of al being reunited in a world free of this dreadful disease.

As a brand, YOLO continues to flourish and grow. New products that are just superb and proving very popular are our YOLO Halloumi with lime and chilli and YOLO Halloumi with Mediterranean herbs. If you haven’t sampled these new lines yet make it a priority this week.

Our website has also suffered over the last few months and we apologize for that. But, we are back and plan to bring you a better website with much more practical product information. Enjoy your new freedom to socialize – and make it always with YOLO!

Robyn Yousef