A Shared Sadness

This blog was supposed to be a light-hearted report about the success of Adel’s GULFOOD visit. I wanted to report that hopefully, we’d land some great new products on our supermarket shelves bearing our brand. Chocolate-coated Medjool Dates for a starter…

Then last Friday in Christchurch happened.

Business rolls on, but the issues that were all important on Friday morning (such as delay with products arriving etc, etc.) just seemed to be lost in the cloud of sadness that followed this cruel act of terrorism.

The team at Food International send love and condolences to all those who have been affected. So many lost in New Zealand’s small Muslim community.

My husband, Adel, (Mr YOLO to some!) is one of five brothers who are all moderate Muslims. Their religion is the cornerstone of their family and business lives. I have never converted but have great respect for their faith.

Adel is very touched by the number of messages he has received from New Zealand and all over the world. His response was: “My love for New Zealand will not change.”

I have been so impressed with how fellow Kiwis have rallied around to support Muslim New Zealanders. We must never forget those who were lost on Friday and those who had their lives changed forever.

A simple smile or “salaam” can mean lots to those who are suffering. Kiwis are kind by nature and I am sure they will continue to support their Islamic friends and neighbours.

I’ll get back to you soon with a business blog packed with product news, but this is a time for reflection.