Kashkaval, Caciocavallo or Kasseri

Kashkaval, Caciocavallo or Kasseri

I’m heading off to Spain soon to join Adel in one of his very favourite activities – sourcing more exciting products for our YOLO range for our customers.

We’re nearly packed and enjoying that lovely pre-travel buzz.

But, before we take off we’d like some feedback from you – our YOLO enthusiasts out there, affectionately known as YOLOers by the team at Food International – about naming an addition to our line-up of European cheeses.

Adel has been tasting different cheesemakers’ versions of Kashkaval, which is a semi-hard, yellow cheese (Made from cows’ milk) that is very popular in the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. He’s very nostalgic about the foods he grew up enjoying in Egypt and this is one of them.

We’ve had some informal tastings with YOLOers and their reaction has been really positive – we know this cheese will be a winner here.

But, we have a small problem. What do we call it? This cheese is produced in Bulgaria, Lebanon, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Syria and Turkey and is known by an assortment of names. In the Balkans it’s mostly known as Kashkaval, in Italy it’s called Caciocavallo, and in Turkey it’s Kasseri.

We’re tending towards Kashkavel at Food Internatiional HQ. We like the hint of exotic mystique and hopefully this will be a cheese you’ll never forget.

We’d love to hear from you think and with your name suggestions. Email me (robyn.yousef@gmail.com) or Adel on (adel@foodinternational.co.nz) with your ideas.