It’s That Time Again

“Oh, I’m sorry I definitely can’t fix your loo, service your car or fit you in for a pedicure between now and Christmas.” Oh dear, it’s started already and suddenly the whole place goes mad building up to December 25th.

Hey, don’t get me wrong – I adore Christmas and all the celebrations that go with it. But, it’s this struggle to get normal services for about two months in advance and it’s all those worried, stressed faces that surround it that concern me. And let’s not start on the traffic and parking at the malls.

So this year, my advice to you is to have a jolly YOLO Christmas. You can YOLO your gifts, YOLO your Christmas spread and generally make this season of joy really stress-free.

Start with your gift list now. With the possible exceptions of small children and a few friends who are vegan or going dairy free, a wonderful basket, platter or tray of YOLO products all tied up in gorgeous cellophane, tinsel and ribbons (with some mistletoe thrown in) is a great present.

And it doesn’t just have to be presented in a basket or on a platter or tray, your YOLO Christmas cheeses can be trussed up in an old wooden crate, on antique china, or in a rustic wire basket. If you are buying for the entire family, you could go all out with a big selection of cheeses in a cane picnic hamper or if it’s for one special individual you could personalise a wooden tray with a special message. 

You really can let your imagination run wild – and it’s all very affordable.

A basic gift could be a small basket with three varieties of YOLO cheeses (such as YOLO Goat’s Chevre, YOLO Danish Creamy Blue or YOLO Gouda Cumin Slices) along with a special cheese knife and some delicious Spanish YOLO fruit paste. To add to this you can pack an assortment of crackers (even make your own – see our Recipe Page for Cynthia’s Aged Cheddar Biscuits), special jams for sweetness or go nutty with a selection of fresh nuts such as pistachios, walnuts or pecans. You can also throw in a festive t-towel for good measure.

You can base your gift on YOLO Cheeses and make a really special gourmet treat with other fine foods. Don’t forget that ‘marriage made in heaven’ and match a good bottle of wine (or two) with your YOLO cheeses.

On Christmas Day, finish off the feast with a big platter of cheeses and crackers with nuts and fresh fruit. You could even replace the traditional old Christmas Cake with a quirky YOLO cheese cake.

Just don’t let the prelude to the festive season stress you so much that you are tired out before the festivities begin. Take it easy and make it a YOLO Yuletide.