Labneh (pronounced lab-neigh) is basically a thick, creamy yoghurt cheese with as great zesty flavour. Very popular in the Middle East, it is classified as cheese but with the sour and distinctive flavour of yoghurt.

It has a thicker texture because the excess whey of the yoghurt is strained out, leaving you with a highly concentrated and very tasty product.

Also known as Labni or Lebni, it is very good for you and a healthy replacement for cream cheese in both savoury and sweet food. It’s low in fat and carbs, an important source of protein and also a probiotic food to boost your immune system. 

It’s a great addition to the YOLO range.

It’s spreadable, silky and incredibly versatile. Roll into balls, smother with herbs and then marinate in olive oil or simply just throw on top of some pita bread, add olive oil and sprinkle with za’atar. It also takes a simple breakfast of fruit and muesli to another level and works well in the traditional sweet cheesecakes and pastries. For a real taste sensation try it with a good maple syrup!

It’s healthy, tasty and totally versatile. You should make labneh a staple food in your fridge.

YOLO labneh is available from New World Supermarket, Victoria Park, Auckland or by contacting Food International on (09) 276 0826