Il Truffelino TV Star

Lucas de Jong devouring our Il Truffelino.

Il Truffelino made a dashing debut on TV One’s News Show, Seven Sharp this week.

Reporter, Lucas de Jong, was at the Fine Foods Trade Show on Monday night after all the exhibitors had gone home. He was choosing items from the show for a competition and was chomping happily on Il Truffelino cheese – which he described as “fine cheese” when he introduced his story.

Distributed in New Zealand by Food International, Il Truffelino has been developed exclusively for the leading British cheese company, Somerdale. It combines the creamy texture of Classic English Cheddar with the complex and luxuriant flavour of Black Summer Truffles. A divine combination.

Lucas showed the packaging off and back in the studio, Hilary Barry said: “That’s flash.” He was eating that cheese with great glee. And of course, it’s flash, Hilary. It’s Cheddar with Truffles.

I was in a different part of the house when I heard a yell from Adel who was watching TV One. It was an excited yelp: “It’s our cheese, our cheese.” I guess for him it was like seeing one of our children up there on the screen.

Thank you Lucas for choosing our Il Truffelino. You’re a man with fine taste.

And for those out there with a discerning palate just like our urbane Lucas, you can find a selection of these British Somerdale cheeses at some branches of Farro Fresh and selected lines are sold through New World and Pak’N Save.

I can’t finish without mentioning another Brit classic cheese. Somerdale Wensleydale and Cranberries combines the sweet acidity of Wensleydale with sweet, plump cranberries. It’s “real flash” Hilary and Lucas would love it too!