Food International has a world first with their Fecotta YOLO. Working with European suppliers based in Hungary, the Auckland company has created and patented a new variety of cheese – Fecotta.

Food International CEO, Adel Yousef, was looking for an exciting addition to the company’s range YOLO range of European cheeses when he came up with the concept of a new product which combines the texture of Feta with the taste of Ricotta.

After many trials, the Hungarian cheese makers came up with the perfect combination of both traditional cheeses and Fecotta was created.

This product is easy to cut (with less rind than Ricotta) and is ideal for salads, pizzas and grilling. It is less salty than other Fetas and other grilling cheeses. It also doesn’t crumble – making it easy to use, especially in salads.

Packed in a 225 vacuum pack in a display carton of 12 pieces, Fecotta, first hit the shelves in around Christmas 2017. This cheese is also made with vegetarian rennet – another big sales advantage.  It has been a very popular seller and particularly with the trendy “foodies” of New Zealand, who love to sample new products.

And as it becomes increasingly well-known,  Food International predict Fecotta will outsell many of the other Europeans white cheeses because of its versatility and dual nature combining two well-known cheeses.

As a healthy product (with 3g of fat per serving) it also reinforces the big move towards products which promote our good health and well-being.

Fecotta has a broad appeal (even little kids love it) is exciting as a world first with an international patent registered to Food International.