If you are planning a wedding or a big occasion that you want to be very special and just a bit different, the team at Food International will help you make a special cheese cake as a centrepiece guests will love.

Cheese Wedding Cakes. It’s a trend that hit Europe a decade or so ago and is becoming increasingly popular with brides and grooms here in New Zealand.

 Making your wedding cake from a tower of cheeses is seen as a quirky alternative to the traditional cake at weddings as well as a more healthy option. And in creating your cheese cake you can let your imagination run riot.

Different coloured and textured cheeses draped with flowers, fruit or foliage look attractive.  You can cut a cheese into a heart shape to top it off or embellish the cake with roses, small flowers and herbs – such as Rosemary for remembrance. Rustic string can also be used to decorate the cheese wheels, while exotic colourful fruit such as a sliced fresh fig or the red seeds of a pomegranate look sensational.

It will be the star of the show and also work out as an affordable option.

Just remember the following points when planning your cheese cake.

*     Take great care in selecting the best quality cheeses

*     Use amazing flavours

*     Consult your cheese supplier for advice

*     Match the layers of cheese for appearance, texture and flavour

*     You can present one main cake and smaller replicas for each table

*     You can name each cheese with a tiny flag

*      Cheese tastes best at room temperature – leave out of fridge a couple of  

        hours before cutting

*      Serve with special breads and crackers

*      Accompany with big platters of dried fruits and nuts

*      Each guests needs about 70-100 gms of cheese

Of course, you can also add some special sweet treats or even incorporate those into the tiers of cheese. No hard and fast rules on these wedding cakes – just let your creative juices flow and enjoy the different cheeses.