Posted on: 06/05/19

Food International CEO, Adel Yousef,  Desere du Preez (Sales and Marketing) and Our YOLO Man from Holland, Sjoerd Melman, all look very relaxed and happy at last week’s Christchurch Trade Show for BidFood.

All the YOLO cheese products look wonderful too and beautifully displayed – a perfect set-up to inspire and network with customers and suppliers. But, there was a last minute panic when the products for the Food International display never arrived.

Mysteriously, the pallet is being transported to the Christchurch show seemed to disappear into thin air. Even when Desere put her “detective hat’ on the consignment just couldn’t be traced. So instead of setting up in a nice, relaxed atmosphere, the above trio had to make a mad last minute rush to gather some products together. 

Thanks to the help from the staff of Bidfood Christchurch, Merivale Fresh Choice and the Riccarton branch of Pak’NSave, the day was saved and a great presentation was put together – just in time.

It was a very successful show and an excellent opportunity for our Dutch connection to meet the local customers.

And later in the week, the mystery was solved. The missing pallet loaded with YOLO supplies had arrived in Timaru.