Blog from Robyn Yousef – an Unlikely Food blogger

Introducing Robyn

You’ll be seeing my face and (hopefully) reading my blogs on this website on a regular basis. I’m the wife of CEO, Adel Yousef –  a sleeping partner of the business in more ways than  one.

My friends say I’m a “very unlikely food blogger” as I really don’t like cooking. It’s Adel who is the clever one in the kitchen in our family, while I’m a writer and prefer to be in front of a computer rather than a stove. But, like many of us, I do claim to be a dedicated “foodie” and Adel’s great passion for the global food industry does inspire me.

Being part of a very large Egyptian family for nearly 44 years has also had a profound effect. They discuss food as much as we talk about the weather here in New Zealand.

I also have become more interested in Food International since we introduced our amazing range of European cheeses, YOLO. Our son, Khaled, was responsible for much of the creativity and the exciting launch of YOLO, which gathers in popularity every day.

We now have more than 50 products under the YOLO label in retail and food service. And we will continue to add to the range.

Adel is attending Gulfood in Dubai next week. It’s the world’s largest food, beverages and hospitality exhibition, which usually attracts nearly 100,000 visitors from all over the world. He’ll be looking out for exciting new lines to include in the Food International repertoire.

I know he has vegan cheese on his shopping list and is keen to expand our range of Middle Eastern ‘mezze’ style items for easy entertaining.

He’ll definitely return with some exciting and innovative products. Watch this space. And in the meantime, make sure you get in to your local supermarket and stock up on our YOLO Halloumi. Sales are sensational!