YOLO Man in Palmy – Kuljeet Singh Posted on: 15/05/19 YOLO will soon be covering the whole of New Zealand with the opening of a new support office in Palmerston North scheduled for June. This follows increasing sales of YOLO products throughout the country. The new support office – to be launched in June 2019 – […]


Posted on: 06/05/19 Food International CEO, Adel Yousef,  Desere du Preez (Sales and Marketing) and Our YOLO Man from Holland, Sjoerd Melman, all look very relaxed and happy at last week’s Christchurch Trade Show for BidFood. All the YOLO cheese products look wonderful too and beautifully displayed – a perfect set-up to inspire and network […]

Queenstown Trade Show

YOLO features on the tables of many of New Zealand’s top hotels and restaurants. Desere and Keith were in Queenstown recently to promote our international cheese assortment to the food service industry.

Pretty YOLO Party Platter

The extended Yousef and Youssef families celebrated a significant family birthday in the beautiful Putamahoe rose gardens created by Birthday Girl Safiyah Youssef. The YOLO platters were assembled by the very talented chef, Sally Reed. YOLO platters are great for any special gathering! See our pics for combination ideas.


Labneh (pronounced lab-neigh) is basically a thick, creamy yoghurt cheese with as great zesty flavour. Very popular in the Middle East, it is classified as cheese but with the sour and distinctive flavour of yoghurt. It has a thicker texture because the excess whey of the yoghurt is strained out, leaving you with a highly […]


Sharlene Griffiths is a devoted cheese-lover. Long before her wedding day, she’d decided that her wedding cake would be made with tiers of different cheeses. And when she married Duncan recently in Birkenhead, Auckland, the team at Food International worked with Sharlene and her mother, Diane Pedersen, to create that perfect ‘cheesy’ centrepiece for the […]


If you are planning a wedding or a big occasion that you want to be very special and just a bit different, the team at Food International will help you make a special cheese cake as a centrepiece guests will love. Cheese Wedding Cakes. It’s a trend that hit Europe a decade or so ago […]