KIWIS AT 32nd Salon De Gourmets Expo

KIWIS AT 32nd Salon De Gourmets Expo Adel, Amelia and Damon – NZ delegation in Madrid. Representatives from three New Zealand companies were among the 130 buyers invited from 30 countries to attend this year’s Salon de Gourmets (the 32nd) in Madrid. Food International was represented by Adel Yousef, while Amelia Farras-Knowles attended for Iberian […]

Feeling Fruity in Toledo

   Would you prefer your YOLO fig fruit paste with or without seeds? What fruit will we combine with the mulberry for another fruit paste option? On Friday we sat down with the owners of Laguaparts Alimentacion to nut out new ideas for our YOLO fruit pastes. We had a very productive exchange of ideas […]

Olives from Aragon

Adel’s serious scouting for Spanish products began the day after we arrived in Madrid – on May 1 a national holiday for Labour Day. On Wednesday morning we drove to the beautiful town of Zaragoza in the province of Aragon for his first meeting with an olive company, Jose Lou. The photo shows us both […]

Kashkaval, Caciocavallo or Kasseri

Kashkaval, Caciocavallo or Kasseri 27/04/18 I’m heading off to Spain soon to join Adel in one of his very favourite activities – sourcing more exciting products for our YOLO range for our customers. We’re nearly packed and enjoying that lovely pre-travel buzz. But, before we take off we’d like some feedback from you – our […]


CULTURE & CHEESE Photography by Jude Madison. The literary world came to Food International’s premises recently. Instead of the usual strident sounds from the forklift, orders being yelled out and the cheese cutting room in full working mode, the board room was filled with the melodic voice of famous Samoan writer, Sia  Figiel, reading from her […]

YOLO Fever hits Auckland

Dr YOLO (aka Adel Yousef) checks out the health of YOLO’s Mainland man, Keith Robinson, after YOLO Fever hit Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds  at the annual April Foodstuffs New Zealand Trade Expo. Supermarket suppliers showed off their products to customers from throughout New Zealand with hundreds shown the ‘healing properties’ of YOLO Cheeses.


FECOTTA YOLO CHEESE – A World First Food International has a world first with their Fecotta YOLO. Working with European suppliers based in Hungary, the Auckland company has created and patented a new variety of cheese – Fecotta. Food International CEO, Adel Yousef, was looking for an exciting addition to the company’s range YOLO range […]

Halloumi Tart

Halloumi Tart Best served with Yolo Halloumi premium cheese  

Moroccan Roast Lamb with Greek Salad 

Moroccan Roast Lamb with Greek Salad Great dish for a Sunday roast. Method Pre-heat oven to 180°C Combine spices and oil in a bowl and spread over the lamb Season generously Roast covered in the oven for approximately 1 ½ hours or until the juices run just pink when tested with a skewer Serve warm […]